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    Evaluating Promotion Campaigns and Pricing Strategies

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    Briefly discuss the two objectives below. For each objective defend your position as to why that objective is applicable to a desired profession.

    1) Evaluate a promotion campaign for a branded product

    2) Evaluate the pricing strategy for a branded product

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    1 -- Evaluating a promotion campaign for a branded product can take place in a myriad of positions. While it would mostly be concerned with marketing and marketing strategy, other professionals in almost any business discipline would also be involved in this process. When we promote a branded product, our main objective is to build recognition for that product as quickly as possible and to the greatest possible degree. This action immediately starts to build demand for our branded product, which leads to an automatic increase in sales. The more recognition that we are able to derive through the promotion strategy for the branded product, the greater we incite demand. While the majority of these activities are left to the marketing professionals in large companies, they can also be ...

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    This solution discusses the relevancy of promotional campaigns and pricing strategies for a branded product as applicable to any professional discipline. A focus from outside of the marketing arena is used in this discussion.