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    Effective corporate naming events or campaigns

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    Look at various specific corporate naming events or campaigns by selecting two naming events or campaigns that were effective and two that were not. (i.e., naming a stadium, sponsoring a sporting event, etc.).

    Companies often use sponsorship or big name personalities to help drive their brand image. What are the benefits and the dangers of doing this? Give an example of one that worked and one that did not. What went right...and what went wrong and what is the impact on the company overall?

    International marketing...can you develop a campaign that works worldwide? What are the dangers of doing this? What does a marketing manager need to consider?

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    Many business organizations sponsor many sporting events. These kinds of sponsorship provide an opportunity to the organization to build and enhance their brand recognition at the international level. There are various companies that have sponsors various sporting events. For instance the main sponsors of Olympics held at China are Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson (The Official Website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 2008).
    This event has got a great success and these brands have developed recognition in all over the world. By sponsoring these events these company has gain various opportunities and earn many benefits such as improvement in the company's image, boosting profit, access a wide range of audience, etc. (Why Sponsor? Sponsorship Benefits & Event Sponsorship Benefits, 2007).
    Although there are various benefits of sponsoring a sporting or other event but it is risky also. There are some companies that have been failed due to the failure of event and it has a negative impact on the image of the company. For instance, BMW Oracle team sailboat has been eliminated before few minutes of starting the main events in May 2007 in Valencia, Spain from the America's Cup qualifying competition, which has a negative impact on the image of BMW (Ewing, 2007). Another name is Deutsche Telekom, which had faced a negative impact due to the sponsorship of a cycling team. ...

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