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Are Naming Rights a Win-Win for Companies and Communities?

Does the situation below this represent a win-win situation:

New York's Metropolitan Transportation authority proposes to sell naming rights to bridges and to rail and subway stations to corporate advertisers. Meanwhile, in Rome, city planners have been very successful raising funds for restoring ancient buildings and monuments by selling advertising space. Billboards hang on scaffolding while a structure is being renovated. In the summer of 2004, 50 important sites with aging facades were available to the highest advertising bidder---including the Pantheon---while a huge (and very suggestive) billboard advertising Glam Shine lipstick hung over the Spanish Steps.

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The situation described represents a win-win solution in that the transit authority is able to raise money to help with operating costs while the corporations receive name recognition/brand placement. The citizens benefit because they are not straddled with fare increases, or higher taxes.

Some purists do not like this ...

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This solution determines if corporate naming of public property is a win-win for both corporations and the city, and community. this solution is 166 words and includes links and examples.