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Pros and cons or corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility - Should I care? If it's good for me--
well, that's good enough for me.

Should corporations adopt policies of social responsibility?
Are multinational corporations free from moral obligations?
Are profits the only business of business?
Do Consumers need a credit card Bill of Rights?
Is loan mitigation the answer to the housing foreclosure problem?

Please use these questions to give pros and cons of corporate social responsibility.

Discusses query and indicates four myths on this topic. 699 words.

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First of all regarding loan mitigation, I know if I were facing foreclosure on my home I would want to investigate the possibility of receiving one, as one might be able to have one's interest rates lowered; one's principle balance reduced; also catch up on delinquent payments; turn adjustable principle rates into fixed rates and most importantly, have a foreclosure stopped!! You may want to have your attorney take a look at the specific program; it may be a win win situation for you in that these types of loan experts may work with your lender to modify your existing loan, and you get an equitable restructuring of the existing loan (, 2010).

In regard to a Credit Card Bill of Rights, given the recessionary and uncertain times, I think this is a great idea. According to (2010) cardholders will receive better protection from arbitrary rates increases; have their ARPs reviewed every six months to see if a reduction in rates is warranted; have their payments applied to their most expensive balances first; be protected from the dangers of universal default; no longer be subjected to double billing; the right to have rates reviewed and reduced; fair allocation of payments, no universal default; no double-cycling billing, etc.

Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of corporate social responsibility, I will list the disadvantages first:

1) For example, according to SourceWatch (2010) citing Christian ...

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The pros and cons of corporate social responsibility is examined.