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    Brand Strategy

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    1. Brand Strategy:
    Consider the brands of a company that has a large brand portfolio and identify specific brands that function in three of the four roles that brands may play within that portfolio: high-end prestige brands, low-end entry level brands, cash cows and flankers. Do you believe the firm has done of good job of effectively creating brands to fit these roles? Explain.

    2. Product Packaging:
    One element of the tangible product is packaging. Packaging serves a number of functions beyond the mere protection of the product. In fact, with some brands, the package may play a central role in the growth of the brand. Discuss two products, one in which the package plays a significant role and one in which it play a minor role. Discuss the potential role of packaging in innovation.

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    We consider the detergent brands of a company that has a large brand portfolio. We consider the brands of Procter & Gamble. The first brand we consider is a high end prestige brand. This brand is Tide. Tide's price is higher than the price of Gain or Ariel. The second brand we consider is the cash cow. By definition the cash cow is a brand that generates a steady return of profits that are higher than the cash required acquiring the product. The cash cow is Ariel. Consider the comparison, Wal-Mart sells Tide 100 oz for $11.97 whereas it sells Ariel ...

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