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    Business Tax Return and Training Materials for New Hires

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    You and your colleagues at the firm have been asked to develop training materials for new hires on the preparation of tax returns for the corporation, using the tax return for your client company name, Peacock Tree Incorporated, as an example.

    To access Peacock Tree Incorporated information, and to complete their 2008 return, be sure to download what I have presented to you: the Word documentation about the (Company Information ~ 2P - 3T (PG), plus download an Excel spreadsheet (Copy of Financial Statements ~ 2P - 3T (PG), and download a PDF file called (2008 Form 1120 income tax return).

    You will need to complete whole 2008 tax return number 1120 form, and any other forms or schedules that also need to be included with this tax return, and I'm not sure what other forms and schedules are needed.

    1). Create a Word document detailing:
    a). Any questions or concerns you had while preparing the return.
    b). The portions of the return were most difficult or complicated.

    2). Develop another Word document that discusses about the outlines, in detail, the process of preparing of Peacock Tree Incorporated tax return that explains why each form and each schedule is required.

    (NOTES): If you need to find 2008 tax return form 1120, and the instructions, you can go to this website: (http://www.irs.gov/app/picklist/list/priorFormPublication.html?value=1120&criteria=formNumber). Keep in mind, this website you can also find any other tax forms, and instructions, and schedules, and instructions. Just be sure you go to the (Find) box.

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    Peacock Tree Incorporated
    One Plaza Place
    Detroit, MI 48203


    George Smith, President (SSN 574-22-2541)
    2763 Gate Street
    Detroit, MI 48203

    Chanel Steward, Vice President (SSN 442-12-7532)
    14 West 11th Street
    Detroit, MI 48203

    Ruth Tantoy, Treasurer (SSN 624-32-6527)
    87 South Terrace
    Detroit, MI 48203

    EIN: 42-0576857
    Business Activity: office service

    Preopening Activity:
    On January 4, 2008, the corporation placed in ...

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