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Thermal Regulation

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I have to design an animal that is able to survive a wide range of environmental conditions:

First environment is a freshwater lake with a surface temperature of 10 degrees Celsius,
Second is a mountain range with air temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius during the day and -10 to -20 degrees Celsius at night,
Third environment is a desert with durastic diurnal temperature changes of 0 to - 40 degrees Celsius.

My animal has to deal with these thermal challenges. I have been designing an insect that can both swim and fly, but I am not sure if my organism should be endothermic, ectothermic etc.? And what is the best way for my insect to adapt to to the 10 degree Celsius surface water of the first environment?

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The solution discusses an animal that has to deal with thermal challenges.

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The insect that you are designing should be endothermic. The body temperature of ectotherms respond directly to the temperature of the environment they are in. An ectotherm regulates body temperature by moving itself to an environment that will allow the animal to heat up or cool down to ...

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