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Heat Transport: Thermal Circuit Of Brick And Plaster

In this problem we required interior temperatures of a circuit combining brick and plaster, also calculate the thickness of plaster for reducing the heat loss.

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I have solved this problem by calculating different thermal resistances and heat loss then by using it we can calculate interior temperature.

As given in problem
There is no radiation heat transfer so there will be no effect of e.
Interior heat transfer is given as
hi = 40 W/m2 K
ho = 30 W/m2 K
So overall heat transfer coefficient
1/h = 1/ hi + 1/ho
= 1/40 +1/30
= 7/120
h = 120/7
h = 17.14 W/m2 K
Now we will calculate thermal resistances
Then thermal resistance at surrounding will ...

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The thermal circuit of brick and plaster heat transports are examined. The circuit combining brick and plasters are provided.