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    Renewable Energy Resources

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    I need to thoroughly assess the economic and environmental (i.e. energy and CO2) feasibility of three technologies that I have considered for renewable energy resources for my project:
    • solar thermal
    • solar PV
    • an improvement in the heat loss coefficient of a building through specific energy efficiency measures.

    Approx 500 words thanks

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    Step 1
    The economic feasibility of solar thermal power is based on the argument that there is no fuel cost. Solar thermal energy does not require any fuel like other sources of renewable energy. Further, the economic feasibility is high because solar thermal energy uses equipment such as solar thermal mirrors and turbines which can be made in large scale at relatively low cost by the existing industrial base. The drawbacks are that in practice the per unit cost of electricity generated has not declined, there are size limitations, and location limitations (a).
    The environmental feasibility of solar thermal energy is that it does not cause any pollution nor does it cause global warming effects. It is a renewable energy source. The drawback with regards to the environment is that massive arrays of mirrors negatively impact desert wildlife. Further, solar thermal plants use a lot of water in desert areas where there is shortage of water.

    Step 2
    There is strong economic feasibility of solar photovoltaic cells. The key argument in favor of ...

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