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    Calculate insulating/heat resistance values

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    Determine which of the following 3 material substrates would have the best R-value or lowest thermal conductivity. The purpose is to determine which of the 3 materials would make the best insulator to heat and cold?

    The following is given:

    Solid wood (pine)

    Wood w/ hollow-core air space

    Wood with hollow-core space filled with rock wool

    Assuming that the outside air temperature was 100 degrees F determine which of the 3 substrates above provides the best/greatest insulation value or resistance to temperature transmission. Explain why and show calculations knowing that:

    C = 1/R where C = thermal conductance; and

    C = k/thickness (inches) where k = thermal conductivity (Btu-in/ft2-hr-oF)

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    The key to this problem is in knowing the differences in thermal conductivities of the 3 materials (wood, air, and rockwool)

    You can see a list of several different types of thermal conductivities ...

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    Thermal conductivities of three materials are compared.