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    Thermal Conductivity: Ratio of Conductivities of Two Materials

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    Problem. The ratio of thermal Conductivity of material 1 to the thermal
    Conductivity of material 2 is
    (a)Less than 1 (b) greater than 1 (c) equal to 1 (d) infinity
    And why? Give reason
    There is a plot given in problem file in which both material shown.

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    Answer will be (a)
    According to Fourier's law of conduction
    q = - k* (∆T/∆X)
    Where q is the heat transfer per unit area
    ∆T/∆X = Change in temperature with distance
    k ...

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    The solution contains a detailed explanation as to how to compare the conductivities of two separate materials from a plot comparing temperature and distance.