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Estrogen and bones during menopause

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Estrogen and bone relationship and its effect during menopause.

I want both some web links on this subject and some general points - enough to do some research.

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This solution is provided in 781 words. It discusses how estrogen and bones are related, as well as discusses osteoporosis and the risks of developing the disorder.

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Here are some links about the effect of estrogen on bones.


Estrogen and menopause


In general, estrogen is necessary for strong bones. Since menopuase leads to loss in the levels of this hormone, it can lead to osteoperosis.

Factors that increase the risk for osteoporosis

Caucasian or Asian race
Slim build
Cigarette smoking
Family history (a mother, sister, or aunt with osteoporosis)
Early menopause

Osteoporosis is the medical term for thinning of the bones. Thin bones become weaker and break easily, with the bones of the spine, wrists, and hips most prone to fracture. Although bones naturally weaken with age in both men and women starting at about age 40, women lose bone more rapidly after menopause.

Using estrogen after menopause can slow the rate of bone thinning and may prevent bones from breaking. Because estrogen use has some risks, only women who are likely to develop osteoporosis should use estrogens for prevention. If you ...

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