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    Microbiology Streptomyces

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    1. Why did bacteria such as Streptomyces species evolve toxins against other bacteria?

    2. Describe Streptomyces bacterial colonies.

    3. Describe bacterial colonies that exhibit antibiosis activity.

    4. Describe bacterial colonies that exhibit antimicrobial activity.

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    Bacteria often evolve defenses against other bacteria that compete for the same vital resources they need. If two bacteria both have limited room to expand, and both need anything from light to other "prey" bacteria, after a number of generations, those that spontaneously evolved to produce toxins that rival bacteria are sensitive to will win and continue to reproduce. By doing so, the toxin-producing bacteria will be more successful at reproduction by eliminating competition.

    Streptomyces bacterial colonies are Gram-positive, ...

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    The expert determines why bacteria such as streptomyces species evolve toxins against other bacteria. Why bacterial colonies exhibit antibiosis activies are described.