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    Pathway of cerebrospinal fluid (CFS) molecule

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    Trace the pathway followed by a molecule (cerebrospinal fluid) CFS from the point of production to reabsorption. Be sure to include the following terms: lateral ventricles, foramen of Magendie, choroid plexus, arachnoid granulations, foramen of Lushka, brain, spinal cord, subarachnoid space.

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    The majority of cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the four choroid plexuses of the brain. Each ventricle (two lateral ventricles, third and fourth ventricle) contain a choroid plexus. For the purpose of tracing the complete pathway of CFS in this solution we will assume that the CFS molecule we are following is produced in one of the lateral ventricles.

    The CFS molecule ...

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    This solution, containing 250 words, outlines the neuroanatomical structures that a molecule of CFS travels through from production to reabsorption.