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    Basic Neuroantomical Structure

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    Please help me explain the basic neuroantomical structures to patients in layperson's language so that they understand their diagnoses and their underlying neurological impairment. I have been asked by a neurologist to create a written guide for the patients, including both the central and peripheral subdivisions of the nervous system, and describes the basic neuroanatomical structures, where they are located, how they interact and what they function they serve.
    She has asked me to name the structures using the correct technical language but to use layman's language as much as possible elsewhere.
    (I have broken down the sections I will need, they are as follows)

    Part I: The Brain Consists of Cells
    I am looking to explain the different kinds of cells that make up the brain.

    Part II: The Packaging of the Brain: It's Outer Covering of the Brain and Cerebrospinal Fluid
    How the brain is protected from the environment?
    physical trauma?
    by multiple layers of structural packaging
    skin, skull, and meninges
    the blood-brain barrier
    and cerebrospinal fluid

    Part III: The Five Important Divisions of the Brain
    List and Describe each division, its component parts and where they are located.

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