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Brain structures & Psychology Theory

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One short page: Decide which of the following psychologists you will visit -- select only ONE individual to research; your choices are: Your paper may include the following basic information about one of these individuals and the school that they founded

? Wilhelm Wundt, founder of Structuralism
? John Watson, founder of Behaviorism
? Sigmund Freud, founder of Psychoanalysis
? Jean Piaget, founder of Cognitive Psychology

Must include the following basic information about one of these individuals and the school that they founded (of course, you may include other information as you desire)
? A brief biography, including date of birth and death, place of birth, education, etc.
? How he developed the ideas that led to a new school of thought in psychology
? What are the reasons for selecting this person as your choice?


One short page: You have just been magically transformed into the most famous, gifted neurosurgeon in the world! There was, however, one minor difficulty in your transformation; while you were certainly given all of the technical skills that you will need in your new profession, the memory for what certain parts of the brain do did not make the transformation. One will need to do a bit of research, using the information given (information section), to fill in the missing information before you step into the operating theater. Below are four different structures in the brain. Decide which structure you wish to learn about, construct (one to one-half) paper answering the questions below.

Task: One will have learned more about one of the following four structures of the brain; go to the links in this section for a brief overview of each of these structures, then decide which of the four you wish to learn more about:

? Cerebellum
? Medulla
? Limbic System
? Hypothalamus

Your paper may include the following basic information about one of these brain structures (of course, you may include other information as you desire -- just remember to keep your paper to approximately one page):

? A description of where the structure is located in the brain
? A description of some of the major functions of this structure
? A description of the behavior that would result from damage to this structure

Information Sources:

Now that you have narrowed down the field to one structure, go to the following links for that structure to gather more detailed
information for your essay:

? Cerebellum:
Diagram & more detail
Behavioral effects of damage to the cerebellum
The role of the cerebellum in autism

? Medulla:
Overview of functions & features
Additional functions
Role of medullar damage & MS

? Limbic System:
Autism & the limbic system
Drug abuse & the limbic system

? Hypothalamus:
Hormones of the hypothalamus
The hypothalamus and the autonomic nervous system
More on sleep disorders

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