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the historical development of biopsychology

Discuss the historical development of biopsychology.

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Biopsychology is the combination study of psychology and neuroscience. It is a specialty branch of psychology which studies how the brain and neurotransmitters influences our behaviors thoughts and feelings. Someone who studies biopsychology is called a biopsychologist. Biopsychologist studies how the biological process in the neurotransmitters in the brain interacts with emotions, cognition and mental process.
People in the field of biopsychology have to have an understanding of the biological processes, anatomy and physiology. The components of biopsychology are the brain, neurotransmitters and the nervous system (Ehow.com, 2010).

The ancient Greeks were the first to discover the importance of the study of the human brain. Plato (429-348 BC) was the first to state the the ability of the human brain is. Galen (AD 130-200) was the first person to understand the major function of the ventricles of the brain and the behavior stem from the heart (Wickens, 2005). On the other hand, Nemesius the Bishop of Emesa brain theory was that the lateral ventricles ...

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This solution traces the historical development of biopsychology. References are also provided to further validate the findings.