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    Describe the characteristics of a good germicide.

    A germicide can also possess properties of both a germicide and a clearner. (1)
    Some other characteristics of a good germicides are the physical and chemical factors of the germicide. (2) Such factors include the temperature, pH, humidity, and water hardness. (2) An increase in pH can improves the "antimicrobial activity of the germicides. The changes in pH influences its antimicrobial activity by altering the molecule of the germicides (2). Germicides are "more effective at high temperatures because it can break down at lower temperatures." (2) At lower temperature, the germicide break down and is no longer effective. (2)
    A germicide is a good biological control of microbes when it can kills or inhibit spores and vegetative cells.
    There is no perfect germicide. But when you select a germicide, you must consider the following characteristics. The characteristics of a good germicide is that it must have biocidal properties in that it will kill organism. It must be "applicable to the intended use"; that it must be effective enough without "harming people or the objects being disinfected." (3) It must be effective an a certain amount of time. It must be safe and effective to use, and there are no unpleasant odors or staining problems. (3)

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    Describe the characteristics of a good germicide.

    Germicide are defined as formulation or chemical molecule that can help "break down and destroy disease causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and yeast." (1) Germicides can destroy all types of bacteria that causes diseases.
    A good germicide can do all of the following:

    1. Disinfect - it can destroy germs, and is use on surfaces contaminated with germs. (1)
    2. Sanitizer- it can reduces the bacterial count to safe level. (1)
    3. Antiseptic- it can ...

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