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    Blood Flow in Mammals and Reptiles

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    Which sequence of blood flow can be observed in either a reptile or a mammal?

    a) vena cava -- right atrium -- ventricle -- pulmonary circuit

    b) right ventricle -- pulmonary vein -- pulmocutaneous circulation

    c) right atrium -- pulmonary artery -- left atrium -- ventricle

    d) left ventricle -- aorta -- lungs -- systemic circulation

    e) pulmonary vein -- left atrium -- ventricle -- pulmonary circuit

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    (a) is correct because blood flows from the venae cavae into the right atrium. From there, it goes into the right ventricle, and then into the pulmonary circuit. ...

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    The blood flow in mammals and reptiles are examined. Vena Cave in reptiles are analyzed.