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    Pathogenesis and skin micro flora (microbiata)

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    Many bacteria colonize human skin; these organisms are called the normal microbiata. Based on your knowledge of human skin, why do you think that these bacteria do NOT usually cause skin infections, yet can quickly cause infection when the skin surface is broken, as in a wound?

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    Normal microbiota, or normal flora, are microorganisms like bacteria that live on different environments of the human body including the skin. In a healthy individual these bacterial species on skin are either commensals (benefit from human body but do not harm it) or are mutualists (use human body and have benefits for human body). For example, there are bacteria that prevent colonization of pathogenic microorganisms on the skin either by competing for nutrients or by secreting toxic material against those microorganisms, and hence are beneficial for human health. To answer this question it ...

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    Pathogenic bacteria of the normal flora of skin