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Analysis Of Multiple State Obesity Charts

See the attached file(s).

I am having trouble interpreting the 2 different tables that are attached (The tables are supposed to demonstrate how the BRFSS and CDC Wonder health databases can be used as a simple Decision Support System).

1. In a short paragraph, please summarize the tables to assist senior management in making personnel and budgetary decisions to promote Physical activity and Health education drive in any 2 of the above states facing greater problem of obesity.

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According to the charts, the following trend summaries can be drawn regarding the states of CA & IL. The populations of both of these states are within 5% of each either in the percent of each major age group classed by BMI(body mass index) index which is a standard measure used to determine the proper weight of individuals in the population. The trends for obesity and overweight range increasingly upward by age group ...

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This solution analyzes a set of charts that co-relate weight data by age and gender within multiple states. The data is interpreted and pertinent suggestions are made to public health officials looking to respond to public health problems related to obesity.