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    Examining the Issue of Obesity

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    a. Define how obesity could be categorized as a social problem.

    - What are examples of individual and societal factors leading to obesity?
    - What are the individual and social consequences of doing nothing to address this problem?

    b.Theoretical perspectives

    - How would a conflict theorist explain the problem of obesity?
    - How would a functionalist explain the problem of obesity?
    - How would a symbolic interactionist explain the problem of obesity?

    c. Based on your research, and personal reflection on which theoretical perspective is most like your own views, which theory does the best job at explaining the causes of obesity?

    - Based on this analysis, explain why or why not the issue of obesity should be addressed as a social problem?

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    a. An individual factor leading to obesity, includes the genetics that an individual has inherited that may make them more prone to obesity. Depression is an individual factor that may lead to an individual eating more, and therefore becoming obese. The societal factors of the prevalence of fast food, as well as being overweight being viewed as the norm in society can also lead to greater incidences of obesity.

    The individual consequences of doing nothing to address this problem, include ...