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Comparison of 6 States Uncompenstated Healthcare Costs

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Review the 2010 HCA Annual Investment by State Report at:


Complete the following:

- Pick 6 states to compare uncompensated care expenses.
- Develop a graph to display your results.
- As a healthcare manager within one of HCA's facilities, suggest ways to decrease the total uncompensated care amount.
- Write an analysis of your comparison.

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Solution Summary

This solution compares the uncompensated healthcare costs of 6 states. The states were selected to provide a range of characteristics. Analysys is provided in tables as well as pie charts via an attached Excel file.

This analysis is performed in two formats: (1) "State Break Out" with a pie chart for each state, as well as pie chart for the 6-state total and (2) "Type of Debts charts," which examines each type of debt with a pie chart break down of how each state contributes to the type of debt.

Indexes are provided for the State Break Out.

Solution Preview

I have picked 6 states (Georgia, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida, Kentucky and Colorado) to compare. I tried to pick states that had somewhat different trends so there were some interesting things to pick up in the analysis.

Attached is an Excel file with 2 tabs.
-Tab ...

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