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Origin and Fate of Organs

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1. Parasympathetic ganglion-
2. The pancreas, not just the lining-
3. Intestine, not just the lining-
4. Sensory neurons-

Fate of:
1. Mesomere-
2. Mesocoel-
3. Diocoel-
4. Telocoel-
5. Notochord-
6. Sinus venosus-


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The origin and fate of different organs in the body are determined. Parasympathetic ganglion and the pancreas origins are found.

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1. parasympathetic ganglia - arise from the neuroblasts originating in the sensory ganglia of the of the 5th, 7th and 9th nerves.
2. Pancreas- formed by the two buds originating from the entodermal epithelium of the duodenum.
3. Intestines -arise from the primary intestinal loop. The cephalic limb of the loop develops ...

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