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    Origin and Fate of Organs

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    1. Parasympathetic ganglion-
    2. The pancreas, not just the lining-
    3. Intestine, not just the lining-
    4. Sensory neurons-

    Fate of:
    1. Mesomere-
    2. Mesocoel-
    3. Diocoel-
    4. Telocoel-
    5. Notochord-
    6. Sinus venosus-


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    1. parasympathetic ganglia - arise from the neuroblasts originating in the sensory ganglia of the of the 5th, 7th and 9th nerves.
    2. Pancreas- formed by the two buds originating from the entodermal epithelium of the duodenum.
    3. Intestines -arise from the primary intestinal loop. The cephalic limb of the loop develops ...

    Solution Summary

    The origin and fate of different organs in the body are determined. Parasympathetic ganglion and the pancreas origins are found.