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    Medical abbreviations and acronyms

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    There are a number of problems that can be associated with using abbreviations or acronyms.

    Discuss possible problems of using non-standardized abbreviations or acronyms.
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    Abbreviations and acronyms are short forms used to represent longer and often more complicated terms. However, the benefits of their use relies on their understandability and consistent interpretation.

    The primary problem with using abbreviations and acronyms is reaching a consensus on what those terms represent. All too often abbreviations and acronyms can have more than one meaning or are easily confused with other abbreviations and acronyms. It is important to develop a standard list of abbreviations and acronyms for usage by a groups of individuals. The use of non-standardized abbreviations and acronyms can lead to confusion when the meaning of ...

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    Several paragraphs discussing the use of abbreviations and acronyms in medicine. Examples and web references provided. Four references are provided.