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    Commonly Misread Medical Abbreviations

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    You are the office manager for a large physician practice. There are registered nurses, physician assistants, laboratory technicians, and x-ray technicians that also work in the office. Several of the physicians routinely use abbreviations in their medical notes and instructions to other staff. On one occasion Joan, a medical assistant, was going to follow-through on something a senior physician in the office wrote, and another medical assistant, Dave, discovered that Joan had misread an abbreviation. You overhear Dave telling Joan, "Oh, that's Dr. Smith's way of writing 'every day.'" Even though this was not a patient care note, you are concerned that Dr. Smith's abbreviations might cause problems running a busy office and possibly even with patient care. You decide to take some action to eliminate these misinterpretations. What kinds of actions would you suggest?

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    A possible solution to the above problem is to make a list of easily misinterpreted abbreviations and distribute it to the entire staff, including all ...

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