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    Intergrated action of cardiovascular respiratory and other body systems

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    How does the intergrated action of the cardiovascular, respiratory and other body systems explain why heart rate is different for an athlete when he is at rest and just prior to doing say 100 metre sprint . I need about 250 words

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    What this question boils down to, so to speak, is that you are looking for is the primary limiting factor among these body systems. From my own personal experience in testing the limits of my physical endurance, I have often felt like my body muscles were not limiting me, but it felt more like I just couldn't breathe in enough oxygen. My body was doing all it could, but I simply could not get enough oxygen. Sounds like the respiratory system is limiting, doesn't it? But, it really isn't. I was breathing in enough oxygen, but my muscles were not getting enough. There's only one thing between your lungs and your muscles, in these terms. That is the cardiovascular system.

    I use my own experience, a moment in time, in training, to offer you a chance to see the flow of the logic in the thought process. The cardiovascular system has the limiting factor we need to consider. What that factor is will take a few steps to figure out. First, what is the difference between the expert athlete and one ...