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    Human Biology of Body Parts

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    1.The radius is on the (medial, lateral) side of the forearm.

    2. The nose is (inferior, superior) to the mouth.

    3. The heart is (dorsal, ventral) to the sternum.

    4. The carpals are (distal, proximal) to the phalanges.

    5. The sternum is (anterior, posterior) to the vertebral column.

    Directions: Match the following.

    _______ 6 Forehead A. Sternum
    _______ 7 Temple B. Zygomatic
    _______ 8 Back of head C. Thoracic
    _______ 9 Cheek bone D. Frontal
    _______ 10. Bridge of nose E. Lumbar
    _______ 11. Vertebra of the neck F. Occipital
    _______ 12. Chest vertebrae G. Coccyx
    _______ 13. Small of back H. Temporal
    _______ 14. Tail bones I. Nasal
    _______ 15. Breast bone J. Cervical

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    1. The radius is on the lateral side of the forearm.
    2. The nose is superior to the mouth.
    3. ...

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