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    Neuroscience and consciousness

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    Can you please help me answer the following question? Knowing about neuroscience and consciousness, what aspects of our biology reveal God's design?

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    *Knowing about neuroscience and consciousness, what aspects of our body reveal God's desing?

    Research shows that science is divided into several disciples such as neuroscience that often creates a problem for the physicist, the biologist, the psychologist, social scientist (Grant, 2003). While, biology is a natural science aimed at studying life and organisms including their growth, function and pathology; neuroscience is concerned with the study of various scientific discipline involving the structure and function of the nervous system. More challenging to the theologian are views presented by modern neurobiologists and Christian anthropologists that makes it is difficult to hold a traditional Christian perspective of neurobiology without contradictions (Brown & Jeeves, 1999).However, they set forth the argument that humans are physical beings who also have non-material souls, because this is the way that we experience God. Further, according to Brown and Jeeves, humans are neurobiological beings whose mind (i.e., soul, religious experience, etc.) can be theoretically explained by neurochemistry and physics.
    The predominant view is that behavior is determined by the laws of biology, chemistry, and physics. For example, in the classical view of dualism (body and soul), the Christian view of the person was developed. For instance, the ...

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    This solution discusses the aspects of biology that reveals God's design within the context of neuroscience and consciousness.