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How the kidney responds to blood loss in the body

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You have just been in an accident and experienced substantial blood loss. What autoregulatory mechanisms in the kidney will be initiated to maintain filtration pressure? If blood loss occurs, what further mechanisms are used to maintain pressure? Please be detailed and do not copy and paste from a website.

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This solution gives detailed descriptions of 3 different mechanisms that the kidney is involved in to restore the body after blood loss.

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To put it very simply, when a person experiences a lot of blood loss the kidneys stop functioning because their main job is to remove parts of the blood. A decreased blood volume is immediately dangerous to every cell in the body because they cannot get nourishment and oxygen and cannot expel wastes. The general homeostasis of the body is disrupted. The kidney attempts to compensate for blood loss by keeping the body as full as possible, which means that they stop filtering and removing anything (including waste). The glomerulus is a very delicate ...

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