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Filtrate Formation and Varying Rates

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Identify and explain the variables that affect the rate of filtrate formation.

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This solution discusses the factors regulating filtrate formation in the kidneys. The three main concepts discussed in the posting include: autoregulation, osmotic pressure and hormonal control. The explanation is given in 394 words with two references.

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Filtrate formation is related to the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). GFR is determined by the glomerular blood hydrostatic pressure (GBHP; the 'push' of the blood through the filter), capsular hydrostatic pressure (CHP; the resistance to the blood coming through the filter), and blood colloid osmotic pressure (BCOP; the 'thickness' of the blood as its being pushes through the filter). All of these will combine to create the net filtration pressure (NFP = GBHP - CHP - BCOP).

1) Autoregulation: if the body wants to increase blood pressure throughout the body, the smooth muscle in the blood vessels leading to the kidney will contract which ...

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