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Separating Sodium Carbonate, Chloride and Sulphate

Assuming an imaginary mixture of sodium chloride, sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate I need to know what test to use to 1st confirm the the compostion and 2nd to find the percentage composition mixture. I need to know which test would be useful and the calaulations needed so I can preform the in the lab.

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Unfortunately, the presence of Cl- , CO32- and SO42- in the same solution makes testing difficult because two or more of these ions may test positive with the same reagent.
See http://www.dartmouth.edu/~chemlab/chem3-5/qual_an/overview/procedure.html for great pictures.
However, carbonate can be confirmed by addition of nitric acid to the solution with evolution of CO2 gas.

CO32- + 2 H+ ---> H2CO3 ----> H2O + CO2(g)

Neither Cl- nor SO42- will form a gas upon addition of acid.

To perform confirmation tests for the other ions, it is necessary to remove competing ions from the solution. The order of removal must be ...

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