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    Urinary System Questions

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    I have a 120 question review sheet only these 5 are giving me a problem. If you could explain each one, it will be greatly appreciated.
    1. Compare contrast the composition of blood plasma and glomerular filtrate.
    2. Explain the mechanism of tubular secretion, and explain it's importance in the urine formation process.
    3. Explain why the glomerulus is such a high-pressure capillary bed. How does its high pressure condition aid its function of filtrate formation
    4. What structural modification of certain tubule celss enhances their ability to reabsorb substances form the filtrate?
    5. What is important functionally about the specialized epithelium (transitional epithelium) in the bladder?

    If you can point me to a link(s) where I can find these answers that would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. The filtrate has the same composition as plasma except the protein & any blood cells (normal state). See these sites too: http://mccoy.lib.siu.edu/rcdlmd/bmathena/122/glomer.html
    2. ...

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