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Blood loss and glomerular filtration rate

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Compare and contrast the composition of blood plasma and glomerular filtrate.
Your friend is in a car accident and experiences a substantial amount of blood loss. The emergency room doctor tells you he is sending your friend to surgery to stop the bleeding however she is at a high risk for kidney failure. What does this mean? Why is renal failure such a major concern with blood loss? Be detailed in your explanation.

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This solution defines glomerular filtration rate. It then explains how excessive loss of blood affects the GFR. It also describes the physiological mechanisms that help regulate the GFR.

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Blood plasma - the liquid portion of the blood consisting mainly of water. It is a clear, pale yellow color and can be seen if blood cells are removed (through clotting or centrifugation). Concentrations of solutes (ions such as sodium and potassium as well as proteins) are generally kept within a very narrow homeostatic range. This is important because the plasma is what nourishes all of the cells in the body and also removes much of the waste.

Glomerular filtrate - this is the liquid in the kidneys that has been filtered out of the blood and later is moved to the bladder and becomes urine. Urine composition changes drastically based on conditions in the body. For ...

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