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    Describe the biological influences of psychology

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    Discuss how sensation and perception may shape individual behavior. Cite at least one real-life example supporting your position.

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    What is sensation? In the broadest way of looking at it, sensation is the conscious or subconscious awareness of external or internal stimuli. In other words, stimuli must be strong enough to generate nerve impulses that must propagate to the spinal cord and/or brain. There, they must be translated into sensations.

    Let's look at blood pressure. Blood pressure is constantly monitored and yet, one is usually completely unaware of one's blood pressure. Why not? Because the sensory input of blood pressure never reaches the thalamus and/or the cerebral cortex. Rather, the sensory impulses to the cardiovascular center of the medulla oblongata. Think about it. If any sensory input were ...

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    The expert discusses how sensation and perception may shape individual behavior. The biological influences of psychology are determined.