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Cell Anatomy and Physiology

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6. Identify the earliest manifestation of cellular injury
a. Accumulation of fat in the vacuoles of the cell
b. Necrosis in the affected cells
c. An accumulation of water within the cell
d. Genetic derangements in cellular DNA and RNA

7. Select the best description of the arrangement of a cell membrane
a. Carbohydrate bilayer containing embedded phospholipids molecules
b. Solid, rigid layer of phospholipids with proteins on the outer surface
c. Layers of protein,lipids and carbohydrates forming a rigid structure
d. Phospholipid bilayer containing embedded proteins

8. The gains and losses of which ion generally create an electrolyte imbalance?
a. Calcium
b. Sodium
c. Chloride
d. Potassium

9. Identify the organ that serves both exocrine and endocrine functions.
a. Liver
b. Spleen
c. Pancreas
d. Heart

10. Identify a key factor in producing cellular adaptation in the body.
a. Flexibility in selecting effective responses
b. Ability to manufacture antibodies
c. Autonomic responses to decreased blood pressure
d. Limited number of available responses

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6. genetic derangements are a very early manifestation of cellular injury (way before other physiological ...

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