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    Mould Process for Hospitals

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    Mould Process for hospital

    In a textbook I have read, it asked the reader to come up with a process on how to deal with mould in a hospital environment. Similar to a flow chart (i.e. without the all the specifics). I am having a hard time starting with the procedure. This procedure is aimed for occupational exposure and what the workers of the hospital are to do ( not the patients, but obviously still keeping the patients in mind). Since it is in a hospital, right away one most assume remediation will be at the highest-level containment... but I digress. I am not looking for remediation procedures, since there are a lot of remediation steps that I have found.

    Basically, I am hoping for help in creating the process for when an employee sees, or assumes there is mold in their work environment. What would be the process that would be needed in order for remediation to begin?

    For example,
    1. Employee sees mold
    b. Employee smells moldy area
    c. Employees are possibly demonstrating mould exposure symptoms.

    2. Employee who exhibits any of the above is asked not to touch mould, and contact unit manager right away.

    3. Manger is asked to contact the hospitals facility manager a.s.a.p., and move patients and workers out of possible area of contamination.

    4. Facilities is asked to contact Occupational, Health, and safety.

    5. Facilities should....

    I am thinking along those lines, but am aware I am missing some steps. I ask for your help to make this more thorough and complete. Since this is for a hospital, I do not want to miss a "beat"- I apologize for the pun.

    Also, if mould is found heavily contaminated in a Hospital, what should be the procedure in testing to assure that the area is not contaminated beyond?

    After the area is secured behind hoarding. Should the HVAC system be tested before and after the remediation to assure that no spores have been transported? Since there are no real guidelines, and keeping the outdoor environment as a control.. How should one approach the testing... So that this is included in the process.

    I appreciate all of you help, and advice.

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