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    Remediation of mouldy room
    To Whom It May Concern:

    I was asked to analyze this report to find if there were any deficiencies in the remediation process of an area contaminated with mould. After dissecting the report, I was concerned with a few areas- Was there enough air sampling completed, should they have sampled the areas surrounding the "problem rooms",and what caused the increased moisture? I ask for you to look over the report and see what areas of concern you also notice. Did the company do enough to ensure that the remediation of the mould was extensive enough? Was enough sampling completed? Were there areas that the organization that completed the remediation over looked?

    Also, if someone were to find mould in a carpet- would that be of concern? In my opinon mould is everywhere, so no it would not be of concern. But how can I explain that to someone who believes that this mould is harmful? An individual I know took a sample from a carpet got it analyzed, found out that mould was present- now insists that the carpet be replaced.

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    The presence of a marker species, such as those found in room 2 in the January 6 sampling, prior to remediation, which are Penicillium, Aspergillus and Stachybotrys species, indicate that there is considerable mould growth taking place. Generally, the marker species grow in wet indoor environments, such as in a wet drywall, wet plywood, or under the carpet. So, the remediation process done was not in- depth enough to guarantee the complete eradication of and regrowth of moulds. One of the species found, Stachybotrys species has been linked to lung bleeding or pulmonary hemasotrosis of an infant in ...

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