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Applications of Linear Equations and Inequalities

1)      Graph the equation
2x - 3y = 6
2)      Find the slope of the line y = 3
3)      Julie's mail-order CD club charges a shipping and handling fee of $2.50 plus $0.75 per CD for each order shipped.  Write the shipping and handling fee S in terms of the number n of CDs in the order.
4)      The cost C for installing ceramic floor tile in a rectangular room varies jointly with the length L and width W of the room.
a) Write a formula for this variation.
b) The cost is $400 for a room that is 8 feet by 10 feet. What is the cost for a room that is 11 feet by 14 feet?

Part B
Problem # 51

Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
Solve problem

Draw l1 through (−2, −3) and (4, 0). What is the slope of
any line parallel to l1? Draw l2 through (1, 2) so that it is
parallel to l1.

Problem # 18 and Problem # 30

Graphing a Linear Inequality
Graph each inequality

Problem # 18

y<&#8722;2x + 1

Problem # 30

y < 7

Please all steps of your solution must be shown and a few words to explain what you did to solve the problem. For instance, if lowest common denominators are required show how you determined the value of the LCD. If factors are removed, show the value of the total factor removed. Please do not just supply an answer.

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