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    Translocation of proteins

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    A. Explain the experimental results that are seen in the absence of microsomes (Figures 8-10, lanes 1 to 4).
    B. Using the three criteria outlined in the problem decide whether the experimental results in the presence of microsomes (lanes 5 to 8) indicate that the protein is translocated across microsomal membranes. Explain the migration of the proteins in lanes 5, 6 and 8.
    C. Is the protein anchored in the membrane, or is it translocated all the way through the membrane?

    These questions are posed.

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    No microsomes: result ---> protein synthesized
    No microsomes, protease added: result ---> protein degraded
    No microsomes, protease added, detergent added: result ---> protein degraded (no surprise here!)
    No microsomes, endoH added: result ---> no change in size of protein

    Summary: these are controls showing that the protein can be synthesized in the absence of the microsome preparation. The controls ...

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