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    DNA, RNA, & Proteins. Who's Walking the Dogma?

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    This perspective presents an interesting way to view and understand the Central Dogma.

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    DNA, RNA, & Proteins. Who's Walking the Dogma?

    My mother always said that things in life happen in groups of three. Nowhere better is this rule applied than biology's Central Dogma. I'm talking about deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), ribonucleic acid (RNA), and long chain amino acids called proteins. Diagrammatically it looks like this.

    (see the attached file for a diagram)

    With DNA at the head of the pack, we simply state that each molecule depends on the one before. Makes sense but the diagram is too simplistic. We know that RNA comes from the transcription of DNA and we know that proteins come from the translation of RNA but we don't have an arrow telling us where the DNA comes from. We need to improve our diagram like so:

    (see the attached ...

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    The central dogma is always presented as a hierarchy with DNA at the top but is this really the case? This perspective investigates the central dogma and suggests an interesting way to teach an old dogma new tricks.