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    Various biology questions

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    1) Through a series of experiments with sterilized broth, Louis Pasteur disproved the idea of what?

    2) To make a specific protein, ribosomes, a set of twenty strands of tRNA, and a strand of messenger RNA work together in a process called what?

    3) The process by which a web-spinning spider makes a "sketch" of a web design before making the permanent web is called what?

    4) Which one of the following parts by itself can carry no information?
    A. Genome
    B. Chromosome
    C. Codon
    D. Nucleotide

    5) What enzyme is present in cancer cells, which, scientists believe, allows the cancer cells to keep growing indefinitely?

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    1) Louis Pasteur is most well known for his work in the field of microbiology. His sterilization broth experiments were done to get to the heart of the theory of spontaneous generation (the idea that living organisms could be created from non-living material such as bacteria or mold growing from broth). By ...

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