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    DNA code to Amino Acid

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    Using the provided DNA code, derive the correct amino acid sequence. Describe the necessary steps to arrive at the amino acid sequence, and explain each in detail. Make sure to list the mRNA sequence, and the amino acid sequence in your answer.

    DNA Code: T A C T T A C C G A G A T T C T T G T T T A T C

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    Protein synthesis requires two steps: transcription and translation.

    Transcription is the synthesis of mRNA from a DNA template.

    (1) DNA unwinds.
    (2) RNA polymerase recognizes a specific base sequence in the DNA called a promoter and binds to it. The promoter identifies the start of a gene, which strand is to be copied, and the direction that it is to be copied.
    (3) Complementary bases are assembled (U instead of T).
    (4) A termination code in the DNA indicates where transcription will stop.
    The mRNA ...

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    Deriving an amino acid sequence from a DNA code with detailed explanations of each step.