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    Should Therapeutic Cloning be Banned

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    The question I have to give my persepective on is: "Should therapeutic cloning be banned? I have these readings that I need to read to be able me to support this question...I don't know really how to take it from the reading material and do a 1000-1500 word paper about it? Do I create a thesis statement out of the question?

    I attached a file for you to read so you know where I am coming from.

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    Well, this is an excellent question. Before you start, think hard about what your professor wrote, "Your presuppositions are usually correlated to your worldview, what you believe to be real." This is very true.

    So, you ask for help in getting started. This is where you begin. Spend some time thinking about your philosophical/religious background, and how that relates to what you believe to be on the one hand, ethically or morally good, or on the other hand, morally or ethically evil (bad).

    Although I am not a Christian, I consider the professor's comment about Meilaender's article interesting. The first four articles are mandatory to read, but not the fifth. Why not? What does that reveal to you about the worldview perspective of your teacher?

    Anyway, in order to approach this question, you'll need to search your soul a fair amount and find out just what you do stand for.

    Then, and only then, you should read the articles. Do not read the articles to find out what is right. Read the articles to learn the different ...