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    Effect of Short Term Variation in Temperature and pH

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    I was absent during the practical session which took place and am having great difficulty in attempting this problem. Basically, this is what is REQUIRED:

    1. Calculate the total number of Viable and non-viable cells present in each cell suspension using the formula:

    Number of cells in 1ml of Trypan Blue: cell suspension = N/9 x 10(to the power 4)

    2. Because the cell suspension was diluted by half with the trypan blue it is necessary to multiply by 2 to obtain the total number of cells in your original cell suspension.


    Discuss the significance of your results

    I have attached the results in the file

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    I've attached an Excel file with your data reformatted into scientific notation. First of all, you need to determine the averages for all of the class data. I've done that on the bottom row in each column. Then I constructed a simple bar graph of the data. The columns in the chart correspond from left to right to the same columns in your table.

    What do you see in the data?

    Basially, under ...

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    The effects of short term variations in temperatures and pH are determined. Cell suspension for the total number of cells in the original cell suspension is determined.