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    DNA Mutation and Alignment

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    Could you please help me to understand the following DNA alignment problem. Thank you.
    Three strands of DNA have been obtained from three different species that are fairly closely related. Using the first strand as your reference strand, try to figure out where the sequences of the other strands have been changed through deletions, insertions, substitutions, etc. Use the most parsimonious explanations and align the strands for maximum fit.

    Reference strand: 5'TAAGTACGGATCATGG 3'


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    While biology may be complex, it is typically true that the simplest explanation is the most likely. This thinking certainly applies to genetic changes. Therefore this question (correctly) asks to provide the most parsimonious (simplest) explanation for changes in the DNA sequences from the reference sequence.

    We are provided with the reference sequence TAAGTACGGATCATGG and asked ...

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    This 253 word solution includes the most parsimonious explanation of how specific changes have occurred in a DNA sequence. Included are in-depth explanations and reasoning.