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Functional Effect of Gene Mutations

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Suggest the likely gene function mutated in each of the following defects during
replication in E. coli
(a) Accumulation of Okazaki fragments.
(b) The presence of RNA in newly synthesized DNA strand.
(c) Many mismatched base pairs.
(d) DNA replication does not initiate

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a. DNA Ligase: the enyzme responsible for the joining of Okazaki fragments. If the Okazaki fragments are not accumulating then the DNA ligase could have a mutation.

b. RNA primers: The presence of RNA in DNA strands could be a result of a mutation with the RNA primers. The RNA primers are used as a starting point for DNA synthesis. In normal DNA synthesis, the RNA is removed by a DNA ...

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Overview of the gene functions that are mutated in the replication of E Coli.