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Easy Cheese advertising ideas

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Come up with at least 5 ideas that are on strategy in promoting Easy Cheese. The minimal expression of the maximal number of ideas applies here. For example, rather than developing a 30-second television script for Geico using the caveman, one idea might be expressed as "Caveman sees therapist because he's bothered by commercials making fun of him because he's child-like in his understanding of the world. During the session his mother calls." Another example of minimal expression of maximal number of ideas is (for Orbit) "Two yuppie couples yelling at each other, sneering, making faces and gesturing aggressively at each other with insults such as 'party hostess,' 'soccer mom,' 'corporate executive' and 'charity giver.' Orbit girl then steps in with 'For dirty Mouth--(starburst)--Orbit.'"

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This assignment is asking you for advertising or marketing ideas that are what I like to call "quick and dirty." This is a description of an advertisement campaign for a product called Easy Cheese. According to the examples, the advertising campaign should have related ideas that flow one commercial into another commercial, like chapters in a single story.

First, think about Easy Cheese. What does the name of the product make you think of? I think of a cheese product that is easy, because it is ready to eat right away, without having to be cut up into bite size cubes first, or made into a cheese ball before it is eaten. Easy Cheese ...

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Ideas for promoting a new product, Easy Cheese, with description of quick advertising possibilities.

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