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    Site Critique: Petra Site

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    I am expecting this subject to be in the test for tomorrow. Can you please help me? I need it as soon as possible.

    Look at an account of archaeological information about a lost city or ancient civilization on the Internet and evaluate it to the best of your ability. i chose Petra and the attached article is the site i chose.

    I need about 2 pages critique on the site. Address these questions please : Is the topic well defined? Can you identify an author or authors and their institutional affiliation? How is the information presented? Is it logical? Can someone with only a little background in this topic get the information necessary to evaluate the statements being made? Once you have completed your preliminary investigation develop a written review of the site. It should be about 2-3 pages. Incorporate your preliminary notes on the site into the review. What is the point of the site? What kinds of information are provided to support that point? Is the author or authors successful? What are the site's strengths and weaknesses? If you have chosen an outrageous or fraudulent site you will need to document some of the erroneous information by reference to one or more sources that you believe to be legitimate. Identify those sources and indicate why you think they are relevant. Finish up the review with a statement of what you have learned and what, if any, remaining questions you have about the issue.

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    The site chosen, Internet site, has some information, but it is lacking in any detail or reason for the importance of the site of Petra. It provides information about the ancient site, interesting and beautiful, but the information is presented in a dry and does not have details beyond the first paragraph about the group that founded the city. Unfortunately the site does not have an identifiable author or affiliations which would be helpful in determining the authenticity of the site or the information. The links do not have a purpose since they provide no links to other sites.

    Another problem is the use of arrows without drawing attention to them. Some people would miss the information contained beyond the first page. The information about the location, the statues, and access to the city were better than the ...

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    A critique of a site, on the internet, dealing with the lost city of Petra. The authors or authors and their affiliation are identified.