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    Online Research Guide on the Nabateans: The Petra Civilizati

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    I need to explore the information available about petra on the internet in details about the Petra Civilization. For example, anything about climate change,disasters, medicine, religion, politics, warfare, music, ancient cuisine.

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    Petra Research Sources Compilation Advice

    Dear Student,
    Hello. I have been fortunate to have visited Petra when I was travelling around Eilat in Israel via a day tour and I must say that a day isn't enough to explore this amazing place. This solution, unlike the previous one I have created for you before is a narrative containing sourcing and advice on Petra in terms of online and other published research. First let's start with the general focus. In your paper, you will have to introduce Petra - what it is about, who built it and why it is significant. Built by the Nabateans and popularized in the modern via movies like Indiana Jones, Transformers & Mortal Kombat as well as via video games (i.e. Sonic Unleashed, Spy Hunter), the image of the temple carved out of the mountainsides and its proximity to the Holy Land and key Sacred Sites in the Middle East as well as the gorgeous and enigmatic landscape that surrounds it has made Petra such a popular tourist attraction and an archaeological site of study.

    First off, you must answer the questions about who built Petra, when, where and why. It was the Nabateans in the 6th Century and the site can be found in the Jordanian region of Ma'an, very close to the red Sea. Petra is carved on a slope of the biblically significant Mt. Hor on the eastern flank of Wadi Araba Valley which runs from Israel's Dead Sea to the Jordanian Gulf of Aqaba. For more on the Nabateans, Petra and the way they lived (including questions of culture, belief, their Monarchs, their lifestyle, their politics), the following web resources are of great ...

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    The solution is an extensive essay-advice providing students with the most useful resources on particular topics about the Petra Civilization available on the Internet in the form of articles, published archaeological/historical/scientific research & travel guides. It explores the varied aspects of the ancient Petra Civilization of the Nabateans in the Jordanian region of Ma'an & looks into the culture, social dynamics, belief systems, history, tradition & origins of the Nabateans. Recent history of the site as an archaeological subject is also included listing available research on its discovery by the West, the varied explorers & institutes that took interest and varied publications and research materials on the sites' archaeology & geology. Books that focus on the Petra Civilization & the Nabateans are also listed for further research. Websites presenting details and discussion on Petra in popular culture is also included. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.